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  • A contender for Best Book of the Year

    JT Lindroos at Euro Comics Roundup reviews two recent EuroComics titles:

    “Alack Sinner: Age of Innocence” from IDW’s EuroComics is a contender for the best book of the year.” — JT Lindroos, Euro Comics Roundup

    JEROME K. JEROME BLOCHE: The Shadow Kills —
    “Jerome K Jerome Bloche is a very likable lead and this is a fine introduction to a series I expect to only get better as it builds its world, characters and (most likely) its running gags. Beautifully printed in an affordable hardback, I’m eager for the next several volumes. —JT Lindroos, Euro Comics Roundup
    Here’s a preview of the second book!
  • An absolutely spectacular example of what comics can be.

    At the Official Comic-Con Blog, Steve Lieber reviews our first ALACK SINNER book:

    “Munoz’s influence can be felt throughout today’s comics, but there’s no other work like this out there. No one else puts so much emotion on the page, or tells stories with this much rage and empathy and pain. I hope you’ll take a look at Alack Sinner, because it’s an absolutely spectacular example of what comics can be.”

  • A prime example of the power comics can have.

    The Slings & Arrows Graphic Novel Guide has published a rave review of Carlos’ Giménez’s seminal book: “Paracuellos is a prime example of the power comics can have in their apparent simplicity…Despite the seemingly cartoon like style of the stories and the dark humour throughout, the comic achieves what [Scott] McCloud refers to as ‘amplification through simplification.’”

  • Jose Muñoz interview

    Here’s a fantastic interview with Jose Muñoz from Alex Dueben at the Comics Journal.

    And here’s the cover to the second Alack Sinner collection, which is on the publishing schedule for May 2018.

  • Corto in Venice!

    We received an advance copy of Fable of Venice from the printer. For fans who remember the 1981 NBM edition (the only English version available until now), you should be thrilled at how much better our new edition looks. Here’s a comparison so you can see how much art was actually missing in the old version!

    First, here’s the old version from 1981:And below is our NEW EuroComics version with all lines intact:

  • Sunday Night with Corto…

    We spent a few enjoyable hours last night hanging out with Corto and his pal Rasputin. Not in person, mind you (which would be a little difficult), but in playing the CORTO board game that was published a few years ago. We’re not board game geeks, so can’t speak to how it rates in the world of intense gamers, but we ARE long-time Corto fans and had a great time playing our parts in adventures taken directly from Pratt’s stories.