Archive | February, 2017

A Fable of Venice

The lion statues guarding the Venice Arsenal are an important part of the city’s history. The lions—and the inscriptions on them— also play a key role in Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese adventure, Fable of Venice. Simone Castaldi, our Corto co-translator, was in Venice recently and went to check out the lions first hand to see if they really have Arabic writings on them, as described in Pratt’s homage to his home town. Simone reports, “There is indeed some sort of writing, but it’s so faded that you could make it into whatever you want it to be, which I think is the spirit of the Corto story in the first place.”

Fable of Venice will be on sale in August.

The sea travels in both directions

In addition to our buying the rights to translate European comics into English, we also sell the rights to Europeans to translate Library of American Comics and other IDW books. Francesco Meo of Editoriale Cosmo in Italy just loves classic American newspaper strips!

Dinner in Angoulême

We had the pleasure of seeing Rubén Pellejero and his wife Mercè at a dinner with the fine folks at Casterman, where Rubén also introduced us to Juan Diaz Canales, his co-creator on the new Corto Maltese stories.