Jerome K. Jerome Bloche


The Shadow Killer

by Alain Dodier, Pierre Makyo, and Serge Le Tendre

Full color, 56 pp.

ISBN 978-1-63140-902-8, $14.99

Paris trembles. In the past two months, fifteen people have been killed by poisoned darts…and all witnesses saw was a blowgun and a feathered shadow.

The job of capturing the flamboyant assassin is entrusted to Jerome K. Jerome Bloche. Wearing an old trenchcoat and his indispensable felt hat, the endearingly clumsy twenty-year-old tries to look the part of a seasoned private eye. By day he translates detective novels and fantasizes about being one. Scooting around Paris on his trusty motorized bicycle and carrying his latest lesson in a correspondence course for would-be detectives—Jerome seems, however, more Will Ferrell than Humphrey Bogart.

Luckily for Jerome, he is sometimes aided by his girlfriend Babette, a flight attendant who brings him recordings from around the world for his collection of police sirens.

Jerome K. Jerome Bloche has thrilled European readers since 1982 and has been collected in twenty-five graphic novels that have been translated into eleven languages…and now—finally—presented in English for the first time!

The Paper People

by Alain Dodier, Pierre Makyo, and Serge Le Tendre

Full color, 56 pp., $14.99

Jerome gets his first true case when he receives an emergency summons from the Baron de Verville, whose life is in danger. When Jerome arrives at the Baron’s villa, however, his employer is nowhere to be found and the young detective is told to return home. It all sounds suspicious to our stalwart hero and his doubts grow when he meets the other occupants at the villa, including the Baron’s two adult children, who don’t seem concerned about their father’s disappearance. The villa’s gothic architecture, secret passages, hidden closets, and suspicious characters are all it takes to commit the perfect murder. It makes the board game Clue look like an evening dance at the vicarage—and Jerome K. Jerome Bloche is right in the middle of it!

Alain Dodier was born in Dunkirk, France, in 1955 and has no memory of a time without comics. His first comics appeared in fanzines in 1973 and it was his association with Pierre Makyo that led to two series: humorous Gully and, in 1982, the more realistic Jerome K. Jerome Bloche. After a few stories, Dodier became the sole author of the series.