Corto Maltese: The Secret Rose Now in Stores!

Run—don’t walk—to your nearest comicshop and pick up the latest in our Corto Maltese series! The Secret Rose is unlike any other Corto adventure and is bound to have you using parts of your brain you’ve never used before!

JT Lindroos of Euro Comics Roundup says, “The Secret Rose was the first Corto Maltese book I ever read, and I hadn’t read it in more than a quarter of a century. It’s still equally marvelous as it was then, albeit I look at it with older and slightly more learned eyes, finding there to — indeed — be a multitude of layers I’d never even considered before. I expect in another 25 years, if I remain equally curious, to find another universe deep within its folds. There’s nothing like Corto Maltese in the history of comics or literature. It’s wholly unique, individualistic to its core, and enormously entertaining. Read them all.”

Check out these images to see just what we mean!