Meet Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche!


We’re happy to announce the first English language publication of  an ongoing series that has long been a hit with adult and young adult readers in Europe. Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche is a two-time winner of Angoulême Festival awards, for Best Series in 2010 and Best Series for the Youth in 1997.

The series stars an endearing young private-eye-in-training who solves crimes as he scoots around Paris on his trusty motorized bicycle. Carrying his latest lesson in a correspondence course for would-be detectives—not to mention his general clumsiness—he seems, however, more Will Ferrell than Humphrey Bogart.

Wearing an old trenchcoat and his indispensable felt hat, the 20-year-old Jérôme tries to look the part of a seasoned private eye. By day he translates detective novels and fantasizes about being one. His girlfriend, Babette, is a flight attendant who brings him recordings for his collection of police sirens from around the world. And then, his first “case”: In the past two months, fifteen people have been killed by poisoned darts. All that witnesses saw was a feathered shadow and a blowgun. The job of capturing the flamoyant assassin is entrusted to Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche by Professor Maison, his mentor and founder of a correspondence course for detectives. Things get off to a rocky start, however, when the professor appears to be victim number sixteen! He beckons Jérôme to come closer as he whispers his suspicion that the culprit is one of the pupils of the correspondence course!


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