Hugo Pratt

“I read my first Corto Maltese story when I was ten years old and, ever since, this was the version of Corto I’ve wanted on my shelves. At long last, Pratt’s masterpiece washes up on American shores the way it was intended to be seen and read, the way fans all over the world have known and loved it for decades. If you’re like me, rejoice: our long wait is over. And if this is the first time you’ve experienced the world of Corto Maltese, I envy you. There’s a perfect comic just waiting for you between these covers.” —MATT FRACTION

“Corto Maltese was the first European strip to advance a mature, artistically serious sensibility within the traditional adventure format. The elliptical narrative of the stories, the pervasive sense of destiny and tragedy, the side trips into the worlds of dreams and magic—all capped off with the exotic, guarded nature of the hero—combined with Pratt’s hard-won craft, worldly experience, and scrupulous research to form a work of breathtaking scope and power.” —KIM THOMPSON

“I bet you thought you had a kick-ass graphic novel collection that included all of the essential works by all the essential authors, but if you didn’t have this brand-new, first-rate, high-quality edition of Hugo Pratt’s masterpiece, then you did not have a kick-ass graphic novel collection. Now you do. (And so do I.)” —BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS

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