Alack Sinner, Vol. 1: The Age of Innocence


by José Muñoz and Carlos Sampayo

Translated by Diana Schutz, Brandon Kander, Ariane Levesque Looker, Katherine LaBarbera, and Dean Mullaney

8″ x 11″ Trade Paperback with French Flaps, 392pp., ISBN: 978-1631406508

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The first of two volumes that present for the first time in English the complete Alack Sinner comics by the Argentine-born team of artist José Muñoz and writer Carlos Sampayo.

Sinner is a hard-boiled private detective whose adventures are played out to a jazz soundtrack in a noir New York from 1975 through the 2000s. The stories are imbued with a deep political conscience and present a scathing critique of corruption in society, juxtaposed with meditations on the nature of violence and exile.

The authors have rearranged the stories in chronological order of the characters and events, rather than dates of first publication, providing a novel reading experience for both new fans and old. The Age of Innocence collects eleven stories: “Talkin’ with Joe,” “The Webster Case,” “The Fillmore Case,” “Viet Blues,” “Life Ain’t a Comic Book, Baby,” “In His Infinite Wisdom,”  “Twinkle, Twinkle,” “Constancio and Manolo,” “Dark City,” “Memories,” and “Encounters.” Alack Sinner is an international bestseller and between them Muñoz and Sampayo are winners of Europe’s top comics awards.

“One of the 100 great comics of the last 20th Century and one of the ten all-time best drawn, [when] IDW does bring us a complete edition of Jose Munoz and Carlos Sampayo’s Alack Sinner, that will be a line drawn across the page at or near the top on the ‘missing comics editions’ list in this golden age of reprints. That is just a lovely comic, cynical and cool, the ur-modern crime comic.” —The Comics Reporter

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