Jerome K. Jerome Bloche, Vol. 2: The Paper People


By Alain Dodier, Pierre Makyo and Serge Le Tendre

Translation by Ariane Levesque Looker and Dean Mullaney

8.5” x 11” hardcover, full color, 56pp., ISBN: 978-16840-5243-1

“Jerome K Jerome Bloche is a very likable lead and this is a fine introduction to a series I expect to only get better as it builds its world, characters and (most likely) its running gags. Beautifully printed in an affordable hardback, I’m eager for the next several volumes.” —JT Lindroos, Euro Comics Roundup

“…this is one beguiling adventure.” —Karl Verhoven, The Slings and Arrows


The second book in an ongoing series that has been a hit with Young Adult readers in Europe. Two-time winner of Angoulême Festival awards, for Best Series and Best Series for the Youth.

Jerome gets his first true case when he receives an emergency summons from the Baron de Verville, whose life is in danger. When Jerome arrives at the Baron’s villa, however, his employer is nowhere to be found and the young detective is told to return home. It all sounds suspicious to our stalwart hero and his doubts grow when he meets the other occupants at the villa, including the Baron’s two adult children, who don’t seem concerned about their father’s disappearance. The villa’s gothic architecture, secret passages, hidden closets, and suspicious characters are all it takes to commit the perfect murder. It makes the board game Clue look like an evening dance at the vicarage—and Jerome K. Jerome Bloche is right in the middle of it.

بازی انفجار آموزش پوکر